Laminate & Wood Flooring

At Carpet King, we have a wide range of laminates and wood floors available to choose. But lets start at the beginning...

What is the difference?

Each engineered board is made from multiple layers of wood pressed together. The solid top layer displays the colour and pattern you'll see and feel. In the middle of each board is a central core and below that there’s a backing board for stability. Engineered flooring is available in a wide range of wood types, finishes and thicknesses.

Simulating the appearance of real wood, laminate floors have a printed foil surface showing a wood grain pattern, covered in a tough, transparent wear layer. Essentially a man-made solution, laminate flooring has a high-density core made from natural materials, making it strong, stable and flexible.

Nothing beats solid wood for a timeless natural texture, and a robust feel beneath your feet. It suits both contemporary and traditional interior design, and is long-lasting with each board precision machined from a single section of timber. Tongue and groove on all edges makes for tight, strong joints when fitted.

   Engineered Wood           Laminate Flooring                  Solid Wood

Feel our natural wood flooring underfoot and get taken back to a woodland setting, with the scents and sounds of the forest on the air.


Woodpecker is a family-run business with a heritage in the timber industry that goes back three generations. Our company was founded by Bruce Ker in 1975. He was a skilled craftsman who loved teaching people how to work with wood. His son Nelson carried on the tradition, focusing the business on woodworking machinery.

At Carpet King, we are proud to hold samples of a few Woodpecker ranges such as Berkely, Salcombe, Harlech and Wembury, giving you a choice of laminate and engineered wood flooring.

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Offering a surface which is almost indistinguishable from real wood floors.


Offering a combination of quality and value, our collection of Balterio laminate flooring is perfect for transforming busy areas of your home including your kitchen or bathroom.


 Balterio laminate flooring is stylish, practical and affordable.