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Carpet King Terms & Conditions

Payment of goods

Full payment must be made before delivery and fitting of your new flooring. Payment must be made by card, cash or cheque. Goods will not be cut until the balance is paid. Should the order be subsequently changed or cancelled, a shop remnant will have been created, therefore the appropriate cost of this reduction will not be refunded.

Estimate Confirmation

All confirmation must be made in writing, either a signed and returned estimate, an email confirmation or if you have received a phone call estimate and would like to go ahead, payment must be made at the time of telephone confirmation. 



Our fitting charges are based on the size of the job. 

Door Trims

This is a carpentry job which sometimes our fitters may undertake if possible at a cost but using a carpenter is strongly recommended.


The preparation, levelling and repair of floors

Uneven wooden floors can be levelled by completely covering with ply wood. Uneven concrete floors can be screeded with self levelling compound. We will make you aware when we believe this needs to be done but will accept no responsibility should you choose not to undertake the repair we recommend.


Furniture & Appliance Removal

We are happy to move your heavy/bulky furniture and or appliances however we have had to apply the following:



  1. All items to be removed from wardrobes.

  2. All drawers to be removed including divans.

  3. Mattresses and bedding to be removed.

  4. Personal belongings/valuables to be removed.

  5. All surfaces to be cleared.

  6. All electrical items to be moved by customer (tvs/dvd players/sky boxes etc.)

  7. All wall hangings to be taken down.

  8. All appliances to be emptied of their contents fully prior to moving.

  9. Bookshelves/desks to be cleared of all items.



Although we try our utmost to be as helpful as we can, we do ask that you comply with the above t&c’s.


Failure to do so will result in a charge being made or the job being postponed.


Free Uplift and Disposal*

Carpet King will take up and dispose of your old carpets and vinyl free of charge*.

If the flooring is less than £14.99sqm, there will be a charge to uplift and dispose of your old flooring. Other T&C’s may apply. Ask a member of staff for details.


Warranty conditions 

  • * Flooring must be professionally fitted to BS52325 standards 

  • * The warranty covers domestic use in your single-family home in the UK.

Within the wear warranty period, our carpet and carpet tile ranges are guaranteed against wearing through the pile to the primary backing in an area bigger than a diameter of 10cm. 

Within the stain warranty period, applicable ranges will resist food and beverage stains. 

Our warranties explained 

  • * You need to closely follow our cleaning instructions, promptly clean spills AND have your carpet professionally cleaned once every 2-3 years, keeping all receipts. 


  • * Minimal variations in colour, shape or texture between samples or brochure illustrations and the actual floor covering are not covered.


  • * The stain warranty does not cover damage due to appliance of chemicals or the use of cleaning methods which are not recommended in the carpet cleaning guide or where there is evidence of heavy soiling, abuse or neglect. It also does not cover stains from products containing pigment dyes e.g. mustard .


  • * When claiming on the stain warranty, claims must include a letter from a professional cleaner describing the spot and the cleaning procedures used, with a statement that the spot could not be removed. Suppliers may elect to have its cleaner re-service the spot. If this service removes the spot, the consumer shall pay for this service. If Suppliers determine that a stain persists and that all warranty conditions have been met, Carpet King will compensate the owner for the original material cost of the carpet for the area directly affected. 


  • * Excluded from this warranty is normal wear and tear and discolouration as a result of direct and prolonged sunlight. 


Within the wear warranty period, Lifestyle Floors guarantees against any hidden defect that may adversely affect the life of the product.

  • * You need to closely follow our cleaning and maintenance instructions. 


  • * The stain warranty does not cover damage due to appliance of chemicals or the 

use of cleaning methods which are not recommended in the vinyl cleaning guide or where there is evidence of heavy soiling, abuse or neglect. 

  • * The floor covering should be protected against the risk of piercing caused by  furniture or objects with pointed legs, feet or sharp edges. The use of plastic or felt protection devices is recommended. 

Warranty exclusions 

  • * Damage due to abnormal use 

  • * Damage due to the use of the floor in an outside/external location 

  • * The absence of standard protection methods for the floor covering (such as  doormats, sealed access doors etc.) where necessary 

  • * Damage resulting from poor fitting or poor preparation of the underlying surface 

  • * Damage caused by sharp or slicing material 

Our warranties explained 

  • * Damage caused by the presence of damp in the underlying surface 

  • * Stains caused by rugs, rubber or latex materials 

  • * Minimal variations in colour, shape or texture between samples or brochure  illustrations and the actual floor covering 

* Damage caused by moving furniture without appropriate protective measures



Each carpet comes with its own wear and stain warranty that may need to be registered by yourself. Please visit to register your warranty.


If for any reason we need to return to a job to rectify an issue, this will be done free of charge up to a year of fitting. Any time after that, will result in a charge based on the job.

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